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Thursday, November 22, 2012

[Resolved] Unable to determine the page link: Oscommerce

Yes this problem is resolved by our technical team at

This behavior is generally seen by oscommerce installation when people either shift these hosts from once company to another or change their hosting from PHP4 -> PHP5.
In the most the cases while changing their host’s people don’t realize they have actually upgraded their PHP version.
At domainclay and Godaddy servers we are no longer supporting PHP4 and hence following lines of code can help you to resolve this error.

Step By Step Resolution:

  1. Locate the file named configure.php in includes directory i.e. includes/configure.php. 
  2. At the top of the file add following lines of code and upload the file.
= $_GET;
= $_POST;

And Yes error is gone. All the changes/fixes which generally asked by many people to do in various files are very specific and didn't fix everything.  This will fix all the errors.  All issues related to Box variable is, Error message in the admin section, non-functioning edits in the admin section, paging errors almost everything will be fixed using above lines of code.

Kindly leave your replies if you find this post helpful.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What is DNS - detailed description

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides visitors access to websites using domain names rather than IP addresses.

How does DNS work?

DNS translates human-speak (domain names) into computer-speak (IP addresses). Domain names are text-based names used to identify a website or Internet location. IP addresses are strings of numbers used by every computer connected to the Internet to identify a website's location and communicate with other computers and Web servers.

DNS translates the text-based website or location identifier a visitor enters to the number-based IP address of the associated website or Internet location.

For example, is a domain name. is an IP address associated with DNS translates the domain name to the IP address

Using DNS, we can enter easily-remembered text-based domain names and reach machine-readable Internet addresses.

How does DNS know which IP address to use?

Each domain name stores its DNS information in a zone file. Large collections of zone files for different domain names are stored on nameservers. Domain names point to nameservers to locate their zone files — to do this, a domain name must point to the nameserver holding its specific zone file.

How do I know which nameserver to use?

When you register a domain name with us, we automatically park the domain name and set its nameserver to our parking servers. If you activate the domain name or make changes to your website's hosting, your hosting company provides the nameserver names or IP addresses where your domain name's zone file is located. Use this information to update your domain name settings at your registrar. Once you've updated your nameservers or IP address, allow 24 to 48 hours for the new information to propagate through the Internet, and then visitors can reach your website using your domain name.

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